Here is the 1st development update on Dec 2020

Orbit Products

This sprint could be summarized into one phrase, “Bug Fixing”. We have been testing Orbit v2 since last week to check workability. And thankfully, we found a small number of bugs. Most of the bugs are not severe and easy to fix, except for one bug, which is related to data pipeline. The data pipeline plays an essential role in this picture. It processes data and feeds it to Orbit. The data pipeline is responsible for automated data handling, such as retrieving data, preprocessing, feature engineering, saving results, etc. When there is an error while preprocessing data, the outcome of data processing is messy. So Orbit can not calculate the probability. After identifying the bug, we have updated the data pipeline to manage such kinds of situations.

Besides the development, we have been preparing a marketing event for Korean. The main idea of the event is to provide an unprecedented valuable information and fun to the target customer; retail investors and institutions. We want to In the coming sprint; we have something to share about the marketing event’s progress.



Orbit v2

  • We updated error handling codes in the data pipeline component. There are various sources of error, such as data error, data calculation error, library error, and external system error. The updated data pipeline component is robust than before.
  • We have been updating the architecture of Orbit for flexibility. Existing Orbit does not allow switching data processing dynamically, so if we want to update a data processing module, we need to change Orbit. Changing codes in working components could put the system in danger because humans always make mistakes. When we finish updating the architecture, We can accelerate the speed of Orbit development.


Production Environment for service

  • The software components necessary for Orbit service migrated production environment now except CPU intensive components. We have configured kubernetes, network, and security.

Mercury Admin

  • Health checking feature has been added. Gaia, the name of entire system related to Orbit, is consists of many software components, and it can not function as it is supposed to be if there is a malfunctioning component. So for service operation, we need a way to check the status of key components quickly and easily.
  • The system operator can check the status of key components by clicking a button on the health checking page in mercury admin. This new feature is the most wanted in dev team.

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