Dev Update – 2nd May 2021

Orbit Products

We have spent the whole sprint for MoA v2 website. The website provides various kinds of crypto-asset information for investors in one place with an easy-to-use UI. The orbit will be listed on the website.

For a detailed dev update on key issues, please check the following.

  1. DB Sync Program Development
    1. To sync data between dev database and prod database, we have created a DB sync program. It will automatically check data and update.
  2. Crypto Watch Widget
    1. The website has a crypto watch widget; it shows the probability of a crypto market crash using orbit’s data analysis. We found this one valuable.
  3. Project Scoring
    1. We have developed a scoring function using three metrics; dev, price, and volume. The score will be helpful for a novice investor.
  4. Crypto Asset Data Categorization
    1. To create a category index for crypto-asset, we have developed a program. It will periodically calculate the index using collected data and save it into the database.
  5. Webpages
    1. Landing Page
    2. Crypto Watch Page
    3. Trend Page
    4. Sector Page
    5. Crypto Asset Page

You can check development status at

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Get early access to the latest updates on the MoA Investment Solutions