Dev Update – 2nd June 2021

Orbit Products


1. Profile Module

  • The module displays user information such as name, biography, portfolio stat, and so on. The profile page is open to everyone, so all user share their reputation, portfolio.

2. Portfolio Module

  • Users can create a portfolio, manage and track performance using this module. Since The new service is for crypto-asset investment, this module has one of the most frequent use.
  • If a user creates a portfolio, the information will be shared with others by default. So it will be a good source of new crypto asset finding and checking who is doing good or not.

3. Data Structure Revised

  • To support real-time data updates, we rewrote the data structure module in OOP way. Every item on a page is an instance of the new data structure model. If a value changes, it reflects the new value on the screen instantly.

4. Messaging Module

  • The module lets a user send a private message to the profile owner. So users can communicate easily.

5. QA Module

  • Users can create a question, and anyone can answer the question. The accepted answerer is supposed to receive a prize


You can check the development status of the site at


New Branding

We have decided on a new brand name, “WeVest”. The new domain name will be “”. After launching the new service,, and will be merged into the new domain. We are going to add some features to let the user use coins in many ways in coming sprints.

Get early access to the latest updates on the MoA

Get early access to the latest updates on the MoA Investment Solutions