Dev Update – 2nd July 2021

Orbit Products



1. Portfolio Module

  • We added a crypto asset detail page to the portfolio module. When the user clicks an instrument in a portfolio group, the user can see basic information about the crypto asset and price chart.
  • “Portfolio copy” feature is completed. Users can copy a portfolio of other users by clicking a button. So users can easily build a good portfolio just by browsing portfolios in WeVest.

2. Following/Follower and User Feed

  • Following/Follower is one of the killer features in WeVest. If you happen to find an insightful user, follow the user, then your feed will deliver valuable information at your fingertip. If the user adds a new asset into a portfolio, your feed will show it.


3. Asset Review Stat

  • WeVest has an asset review page like an eCommerce mall. Users can write a review on an asset with a rating ranging from 0 to 5.
  • Users can check how other people think about the asset with rating numbers and helpful information, reasons behind the evaluation. When we buy a product on eCommerce site, we check feedback to get information; we can apply the same logic to the crypto asset.

4. UI Updates

  • We continuously update UI on WeVest pages and fixing bugs.
  • The real-time interaction feature is done. So when the user does something, the user can see the reaction.

You can check the development status of the site at


Telegram Community Closing Notice

As WeVest is coming closer, we will close the community channel because WeVest has a corresponding feature for communication. Users can write a post, Q&A, and so on. It makes sense to use WeVest for communication as we develop the WeVest. From Aug, we will post the development update on WeVest, no


Business Partnership

We had a dev meeting with the business partner last week to discuss the integration and marketing promotion. But the progress of our partner is behind schedule due to the partner’s urgent stuff. We will help the partner to speed up the development.


WeVest Alpha Test

As of now, 90% of planned features for the first version are done. The target date is 2nd August. During the alpha test, we will polish and update WeVest via user feedback. A new token, WeVest Token, will be issued in alignment with WeVest beta service.

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