Dev Update – 2nd Feb 2021

Orbit Products

This sprint was quite busy dealing with infrastructure updates for management efficiency. Existing infrastructure is somewhat complex and not-easy-to-manage because it has many components such as pods, node_port, load_balancers, instances, etc. Furthermore, some components are the legacy of the previous service, Dorothy, and dApps, which adds the infrastructure’s complexity. The infrastructure demands our attention more and more. So we need to do something to calm down the infrastructure. Since we have successfully started the Orbit testing, we have decided to update the infrastructure to increase management efficiency. The update is also imperative not only for the management but for the Orbit service.

No developer likes infrastructure updates because it requests extra-care, hard work, and a long time. We expect the completion date will be the end of March.


Parameter Optimization for crypto asset

  • We have started a parameter optimization for crypto assets. Finding the right parameter is one of the key success factors. The same model could show a very different result with different parameter settings. It is often said that parameter optimization is black magic because there is no standardized rule yet, and the secret recipe is not open to the public.
  • Our preference for optimization is bayesian parameter search. It is not perfect, but it saves time and gives us an acceptable result. In early March, we could see the optimization result for crypto assets.
  • The below screenshot shows the progress of the parameter optimization


Component Update & Migration

  • We have been migrating batcher, airflow and messaging queue in this sprint. These components are for data processing, retrieving data from the database then generating features for Orbit.
  • The pickiest component is the messaging queue because it is a communication hub for every infrastructure component. If the messaging queue does not work, the entire system will stop working. So it should be done with meticulous care.
  • We spent several days checking the functionality of migrated messaging queue to ensure its workability.
  • Batcher and Airflow have no special issue.
  • Now three components are successfully updated.

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