Dev Update – 2nd April 2021

Orbit Products

Server Migration

We have completed the server migration. The migrated components are working in the new environments; faster and lighter due to eliminating redundant codes. The main benefits from the new environment are 1) faster integration, 2) better performance, 3) cost-effective. The migration was a painful process but worth it. The MoA v2 site, crypto ETF, and other systems have a cozy house to live in. The following are the migrated components.
  • Data Crawling Plugin
  • Task Scheduling System
  • Batch Processing System
  • Messaging System
  • HTS System
  • Mercury
  • Athena
  • Libraries

MoA v2 Website

MoA v2 website is under heavy development. The new website provides valuable information such as crypto asset price, sector information, Korean premium, essential asset information, etc for asset management. We are sure that Moa V2 website will be a critical tool for investors.

Essential Asset Information

  • User can check price-related information of vital assets which reflect the macro-economic state. This information helps us see the big picture of money moves.

Adding Localization

  • We have implemented a localization feature; the first version will support English and Korean.

Business Partnership

The business partnership is going smoothly, we have discussed technical issues and how to integrate two systems, and we have finalized the idea of integrating EDN into the delivery service. This is not 100% confirmed yet, but the idea is that if the user of the service holds EDN, the user gets a certain amount of discount, for example xxx won, when the user orders food. So having and buying EDN gives an actual benefit to the user. This will be the first case of using crypto in our daily life. We expect to start press releases in the coming May.


We will change some repositories from private to public in GitHub to let people check development status in the coming sprint except critical projects like Orbit, Athena.

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