Dev update – 1st Oct 2020

Orbit Products

Here is the 1st development update on Oct 2020.

This sprint gave us less time for work due to 2 things; Kucoin hack and Chuseok(the most significant holiday in Korean like thanksgiving day).

After entering this industry, We do not have a chance to celebrate the holiday with family because something happened in Chuseok every time. To my regret, this time was not an exception.

We have completed the token swap, found a clue for a better asset management model, and prepared a real test with real money during this sprint. 

Token Swap

New smart contract for EDN and deployment program

  • After the notification from Kucoin, we had an internal discussion. We reached an agreement that we should update EDN smart contract to accommodate features for future.  
  • We implemented an automatic deployment program to finish the token swap ASAP as well as minimizing inconvenience.
  • We have spent some time checking accounts, balances, and transactions to make the correct list of target token holders.


Asset Management Model Update

  • The current model shows good performance with acceptable risk, but it has a drawback, low frequency. The low frequency is a consequence of the model concept, abnormality. The model seeks to detect extraordinary events that are likely to affect positive price action with high probability.
  • That characteristic has pros and cons. The major pros are profitability and stability. In contrast, the cons is the inefficiency of fund management because the model tends to keep the assets under management. Asset management is supposed to be better than BAH.
  • We have been investigating new data sources to improve the issue. We found a promising candidate explaining price movement in a certain way.
  • In our preliminary test, the updated model beats the current model. We will dig into the new data sources to understand.

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