Dev Update – 1st June 2021

Orbit Products


1. Blogging Module

    1. The module handles content-related stuff, creating writing, searching, deleting, and user ratings. The module has an API endpoint so, all functions are accessible through API secured by authentification token. We have separated the site into two big parts, backend and frontend, to enjoy modern web technology.

2. Category Module

    1. The category module manages contents created through the blogging module. Whenever content is being created, the module attaches category data into it.

3. Nested Comment Module

    1. Interaction among users is a crucial part of a successful service. The comment module is let the user write a comment and rate it.
    2. Besides the interaction, Comments and replies are the fun part of the service.

4. Rating Module

    1. Users can rate content in the service. The module support like/dislike rating for simple rating.

5. Writer Module

    1. The service is for everyone. Anyone can create content and share it with others. These kinds of user participation make the service vivid and rich. A good and easy writer module will encourage a user to create content.
    2. We developed a javascript writer module, so its features are better than general HTML editors.

You can check development status of the site at

New Branding

In accordance with the new service, We have been thinking about rebranding Edenchain. There are compelling reasons for this. The main reason is to clarify its identity to the public since Defi is our new direction.

We are going to change name, logo, and website. After finishing the new website, we will fasten the process.

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