Dev Update – 1st July 2021

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1. Blogging Module Upgrade

    • We added error handling routines to blogging modules, such as input data validation, checking parameter values.
    • We created several display components for typical use like username, data, like/dislike count.
    • We moved business logic to the corresponding data model object. So core functions are done by the data model, not by UI view.
    • The blog writing module has been decoupled into the base editor module and custom editor module.


2. Portfolio Module Upgrade

    • Portfolio module now calculates the performance of a portfolio in real-time by fetching the latest price information.
    • The Portfolio Copy feature is implemented. So Users can copy from other User’s portfolios and track their performance.
    • The Portfolio ROI chart is supported. When the User clicks a portfolio, the User can see the ROI chart. So Users can intuitively see high ROI assets.


3. QA Module Upgrade

    • Question Writer module is updated with clean & simple UI.
    • Answer Writer module has a new clean & simple look with question title info.
    • The question list box module has several features such as limiting list count, more buttons, revised UI
    • Comments form for Question and answer are updated. The form has a much better UI than the previous version.


4. Debugging & Enhancement

    • Lots of enhancements are done in this sprint.
    • We have been testing & debugging blogging, user profile, Q&A, review, messaging modules.

You can check the development status of the site at

Alpha Test

We are going to start an alpha test in late July. The alpha version will support blogging, Q&A, messaging, follow/following, portfolio, market watch, and asset-related stuff. The alpha test version is not fully functional, but we believe continuous development improves the service by getting feedback from actual users. We are planning an event for the alpha test; several ideas are on our hands.

Delivery Service Partnership

Next week, we will meet the partner to discuss and check the current status. The partner said that they need to make around 30 pages to support EDN. In fact, that was above our expectations.

New Token

Recently Upbit and Bithumb delisted several coins. The main reason was to prepare for the new regulation starting from Sep this year. One of the criteria for delisting is whether it is a utility token or not. It seems to be imperative to consider these things for the WeVest token.

We will post the details in align with the alpha test.

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