Dev Update – 1st April 2021

Orbit Products

It is spring here in Korea. The weather is good, and nature presents us with beautiful sceneries every day. But Handful of works for Crypto ETF keep us working in our office. 🙂 This sprint also was another crazy sprint, server migration, data crawling, and business partnership.

Server Migration

The actual work for the server migration is more significant than my estimations. Especially testing the migrated codes are tedious and time-consuming but essential tasks. Whenever rewriting codes, we need to try the codes in different environments, including data integrity checking. We hope that End of this month we could finish the migration.

Crypto OHLCV Data Crawling Plugin

  • We finished the migration of crypto data crawling plugins. The migrated plugin has more configurations to add/removing data sources with fewer codes.
  • Since Crypto asset data is fragmented, this update will save our time and efforts to add a new data source.

Macroeconomic Data Crawling Plugin

  • No asset is free from macroeconomic state. If macroeconomic is in good shape, the asset’s price is likely to have an uptrend. The opposite also makes sense.
  • To securely manage asset, we collect macroeconomic data to track the current state of the macroeconomy.

MoA v2 Website

We have started developing MoA v2 website in line with crypto ETF. The new website will show critical crypto-asset information(price, rank, BTC vs ALT) and statistic information(categorical data, relative strength…). We strongly believe that the data is a must-check to understand how crypto-asset market moves. We will update the website in a phased manner rather than one shot release to accommodate user’s feedback.

The below are screenshots of the website(it is under development, so final screen might be different, but FYI)

Business Partnership

We have signed an MOU with a food delivery service company. The discussion has been initiated two months ago, and the service company and we have agreed to use EDN for their service to incentivize the service users. The point we like is that EDN gives an actual benefit to service users in the delivery service. The service company and we will work together to make a business plan in next week. We expect that the integrated service goes live in the coming May or June.

The details will be given after completing the business plan. and we will update the progress of the business development in the biweekly update. So stay tuned.

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